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A blog full of ideas, recipes and news curated by our innovation specialist Jules Heckman Hughes.

Jules Heckman Hughes

Jules is one of H+J’s mainstays and has been with us almost from the start. A self-confessed Duracell bunny, Jules’ energy and enthusiasm in discovering new ideas is infectious – and she does it all in unfeasibly high heels.

Someone who can turn her hand to anything, Jules has run sites, organised events, managed accounts and handled marketing and communications. A true original with a thirst for new experiences, who could be better to uncover the latest trends?


Lust, longing and lightning legs – a tale of tango

Dubbed a summer sizzler you just wouldn’t want to miss, I booked to see tango…


Chefs wage war on waste

From Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, to the slew of chefs that took part in the Evening…


Living Danishly

H+J marketing has a lifelong affection for Scandinavia, blame it on a childhood love of…


Bristol beats

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Confessions from the Kitchen: Kurt Matzat

Describe your fondest childhood food memory? Summer BBQs using the spanking fresh seafood that my…


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I love Christmas markets; they are one of the few things I really miss from…


The Magic of Maltby Street

There is something about Bermondsey that I have always liked and so keen to escape…


Thinking inside the box

I have to confess that I am not particularly green-fingered, despite spending childhood summers in…


Food for thought

We can rail against supermarkets and other organisations as much as we like, but we,…


Protein plus

Whether a fitness freak or a committed carb counter, people are looking to increase their…