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Food + Wellbeing


We want to keep your people fit in body and mind.

We cook real food from scratch and our chefs understand nutrition as well as flavour.

We don’t want to cut back on carbohydrate, use no sugar, or only serve fat-free dressings …but if we can make great salads with quinoa, serve wholegrain rice and make the vegetables the star in some dishes, healthy eating starts to happen naturally.

Amanda Ursell

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping our customers eat well, we are in partnership with leading nutritionist Amanda Ursell. An inspirational and passionate advocate of making sustainable changes for wellbeing, Amanda works alongside our chefs to help us create healthy menus and recipes, advising on how best to help people make lifestyle changes and introduce healthy regimes into their day. She is a qualified nutritionist and renowned journalist, a member of the British Dietetic Association, The Nutrition Society and The Guild of Food Writers, and has also been made a Visiting Fellow of Oxford Brookes University.


Initially an app to help allergy sufferers find safe food to eat on the High Street, Kafoodle has since developed its technology, adding nutritional info to make choosing a healthy meal an absolute doddle.

Information is supplied live from our kitchens, and a glance on your smartphone will guide you to dishes that are low in sugar, fat, or high in protein – whatever you’ re looking for.

Taking responsibility

By making many small changes, we can make a big difference to our environmental impact.

Together with our clients, we are working towards a sustainable business model — reusing and recycling, reducing food miles by careful sourcing, and saving energy through monitoring and training.

Plan Zheroes

This registered charity is on a mission to save good food from going to waste by getting it to people who need it most.

They’ve created an online community, which makes it easy for businesses that have surplus food to find charities that need it, and vice versa. Both sides save money and help people and the planet.

We’ve started working with Plan Zheroes, donating perfectly edible food that would otherwise go to waste, for example, if an event is cancelled at the last minute. Our chefs are also training charity volunteers on how to make best use of donated food.

Plan Zheroes are on a mission to save good food from going to waste by getting it to people who need it most.

The Clink Charity

The UK’s first commercial restaurant inside a working prison opened in 2009. Since then over 600 prisoners have been trained and have found work in the catering industry. What’s more, reoffending rates have been significantly reduced.

We have supported The Clink Charity since 2010, helping with training, and offering work experience where we can.


These are sustainably made, light, reusable cups designed for takeaway barista-made coffee. They even have sip-through lids and heat-proof bands for easy carrying. We’ve introduced KeepCups to clients to help reduce the number of disposable coffee cups used. Just one way we try to reduce our environmental footprint.